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Are you keen to gain an in depth knowledge about a particular subject? For the first time you will get an oppurtunity to improve your practical skills in subjects like Physics and Chemistry so no need to wonder any longer, as Science Practical Zone is the number one training centre in the local area. At Science Practical Zone we ensure our students get the best training, using high standard equipment and also having access to a wide range of standard training materials. There is no need to wait, contact us today through our booking form to get started.

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In CBSE board exams, the practical portion in subjects like Physics and Chemistry consists of 30marks and the theory consists of 70 marks. Students pay a lot of attention to the theory part but practical part is often ignored due to time shortage. It is important to note that many questions related to the practical knowledge are asked in competitive exams as well. So we help our students to develop a thorough understanding of the practical portion which will help them to score good marks in the practical exams. Coupled with our reasonable training fees, we promote understanding rather than rote-learning.


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